Perfecto Cigars


What is a perfecto cigar?

A perfecto cigar is named because of its extensive at the foot of the cigar. Many popular cigars come in a perfecto variety including the Arturo Fuente variety, also known as Hemingway cigars for their widespread following. 

Names because you don’t have to light the entire end of the cigar and only must concentrate the flam on the extended stem, the cigars are considered lit “perfectly”. A careful flame ensures that you get a proper light to begin the smoking process, creating an ideal (perfect) smoking experience. There is wide variance among perfecto cigars, and many feature different shaped stems and rolling techniques. The aim of the various constructions is to improve performance, lighting and, above all, the smoking experience.

Many perfecto cigars are specially designed for a longer burn, so cigar aficionados can get more out of their cigars. For expensive cigars, a proper lighting technique can work to ensure that you get proper value from the cigar. Many varieties of perfecto cigars last much longer than their traditional counterparts, allowing for enjoying over an extended period of time, with a smoother, more delicate burn to savor the aroma and flavor of the perfecto.

One of the most popular perfecto cigars is the Avo Uvezian 787, which is made from high quality Central American ingredients. Complete with Dominican filer and Ecuador-origin wrappers, the cigar has dual-tapered ends and measures just fewer than six inches long. The line is available in a variety of sizes, although the standard 50 ring gauges is most common. Considered a mile cigar, the aroma is enjoyable but not overwhelming. Designed for easy, sustainable lighting, the cigar lights and burns impressively. A slow burning cigar, the Avo can last up to an hour, providing great value even for a high priced cigar.

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